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    About UCL



    Arts & Humanities

    This faculty is ranked fourth in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2016-2017). The Faculty of Arts & Humanities includes the traditional arts and humanities departments of English, Philosophy, Greek and Latin, and the School of European Languages, Culture?and Society (SELCS). The faculty also includes the Slade School of Fine Art, Hebrew and Jewish Studies, International Studies, and undergraduate programmes in European Social and Political Studies, the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BASc), and the many inter-disciplinary MA Programmes.

    Bartlett (Built Environment)

    UCL Bartlett is the university's global faculty of the built environment, whose schools and sections operate at the leading edge of ten distinct fields from architecture, planning and spatial analysis to energy, project management and development in the global south.?

    Brain Sciences

    This faculty brings together expertise at the forefront of neurology, ophthalmology, audiology, psychology and language sciences, cognitive neuroscience and mental health sciences.??

    Engineering Sciences

    The scientists and engineers from this faculty take discoveries from life sciences, pure maths, psychology and many other areas, mix them together, add create their own innovations, producing solutions the world needs.?

    Institute of Education

    The UCL Institute of Education (IOE) is the world’s leading centre for education and related social science.


    This faculty is one of the leading centres of legal education in the world, combining a strong theoretical foundation in the law with practical teaching from world-leading academics and practitioners.

    Life Sciences

    This faculty specialises in life science disciplines ranging from neuroscience to the biology of molecules, cells and organisms, as well as drug discovery, formulation sciences and medicines use and health.?

    Mathematical & Physical Sciences

    This faculty is an internationally renowned centre encompassing the logical, experimental and mathematical study of the universe.

    Medical Sciences

    This faculty brings together the UCL Medical School and six of UCL's Divisions and Institutes, creating a powerhouse of medical science research and teaching.

    Population Health Sciences

    This faculty focuses on the biological, behavioural and psycho-social processes that operate across an individual’s life, and across generations, that affect the development of disease in populations.

    Social & Historical Sciences

    This faculty represents an area of knowledge where humanities and science meet. Offering a diverse area of study, departments within the faculty are ranked within the top 20 in the world. Alongside Economics, Geography, History, History of Art and Political Science departments, the faculty also includes the Institute of Americas and the Institute of Archaeology.

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