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    UCL Energy Institute


    Launch of Global Observatory on Peer-to-Peer, Community Self-Consumption & Transactive Energy Models

    9:30 am, 02 September 2019 to 3:45 pm, 03 September 2019

    View of globe with electricity use at night

    Join us at the UCL Energy Institute?for?the launch of the Global Observatory on Peer-to-Peer, Community Self-Consumption and Transactive Energy Models, taking place at UCL on 2-3 September 2019.

    This event is free.

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    Open to







    Alexandra Schneiders


    Central House
    14 Upper Woburn Place
    WC1H 0NN
    United Kingdom

    Read more about?the Observatory?(PDF presentation, 900KB)

    The launch event will include presentations by leading research teams from a range of countries including the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Australia and the United States, as well as presentations of peer-to-peer energy trading and community self-consumption trials at?UK, European and International levels. For more information, please see the agenda below.

    • Day one (2 September) will be an international symposium presenting leading trials across the world and showcasing the Observatory’s research. This is open to all interested stakeholders.
    • Day two (3 September) will be the first working meeting of the Observatory and is open to researchers from DSM TCP countries (http://www.ieadsm.org/participation/). The focus of the day?will be to introduce the Observatory to those that are interested ?in joining, and to discuss the programme of work for the coming six months.

    Ahead of the event we will be sending further updates regarding logistics and the agenda. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions by contacting the organiser, Alexandra Schneiders:?a.schneiders@ucl.ac.uk


    Day 1 –?Monday 2 September 2019 (10:00 – 17:00) –?International Symposium?

    Tea and coffee on arrival

    Professor David Shipworth, DSM TCP Chair
    Session 1: Introducing the Global Observatory: why is it necessary, who will be involved and what it will achieve.
    Alexandra Schneiders and David Shipworth

    10:45-11:05????Coffee break

    11:05-12:45????Session 2: Critical challenges in peer-to-peer energy trading & community self-consumption.

    Presentations by leading researchers from each of the five sub-tasks:?
    1. Power systems integration; 2. ICT & data; 3. Transactions & markets; 4. Economic and social value; and 5. Policy and regulation.?
    The presentations will address key strategic issues including:

    • What are the main challenges in taking pilots to scale?
    • What are the essential factors for successful deployment?
    • What questions do the researchers need other sub-tasks to answer?

    This will be followed by a moderated panel discussion session with Q&A from the audience.

    12:45-13:45????Networking lunch

    13:45-15:15????Session 3: What can we learn from current trials?

    Presentations of peer-to-peer/community self-consumption trials:

    • James Johnston (CEO, Piclo Energy) on Project LEO in the UK
    • Natalie Samovich (Head of R&I, Enercoutim) on the European projects SHAR-Q H2020 and VICINITY H2020?
    • Juan Manuel Espa?a Forero & Santiago Ortega Arango (Universidad EIA) on P2P trading in Medellín, Colombia

    This will be followed by a moderated panel discussion on the similarities and differences between the trials and national contexts.

    15:15-15:45????Coffee break

    15:45-16:50????Session 4: What are stakeholders’ key evidence needs?

    Short contributions from stakeholders including policymakers, industry representatives, non-profit entities, SMEs, and network operators on their evidence needs.

    16:50-17:00????Summary and close
    Professor David Shipworth, DSM TCP Chair

    19:00????Dinner cruise on the Thames (cost and registration details will be shared separately)

    Day 2 –?Tuesday 3 September 2019 (10:00-15:45) –?First working meeting of (interested) research participants

    Tea and coffee on arrival

    Professor David Shipworth, DSM TCP Chair

    10:15-10:45????Session 1: Introducing the DSM TCP and the Global Observatory
    Alexandra Schneiders and David Shipworth

    10:45-11:15????Coffee break

    11:15-12:30????Session 2: Presentations by Observatory sub-task leads on their vision for their particular sub-tasks
    Presenters include: Jean-Michel Glachant/Nicolò Rossetto from the Florence School of Regulation, Han La Poutré/Ayman Esmat from Delft University of Technology etc.

    12:30-13:30????Networking lunch

    13:30-14:15????Sub-task breakout sessions: what are the key milestones for the next six months?

    14:15-14:45????Coffee break

    14:45-15:30????Session 3: Reporting back from breakout sessions and agreeing work programme for next six months

    15:30-15:45????Summary and close